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Bridges II Cubicles by Global

Our desire was to develop an environment for collaborative teamwork which would facilitate connection or bridging of people and ideas. 

A set of components which would even serve as a catalyst, inviting team members out of their cocooned comfort zones and encouraging them to engage, co-create. With Bridges II you can develop an environment of collaborative teamwork though workspace configuration that enhances line communication and bridges people with a spectrum of ideas and interfaces. 



Product Details

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Bridges II features a set of compontent that facilitate communication and streamline interaction through product that efficiently adapts and creatively configures. The product focuses on advancing engagement and collaborative creating through quick adptations necessary to meet the needs of a face paced and ever changing work environment. With flexible building components, Bridges II fits numerous applicationsf, from boardrooms to multi-person workstations. It is easy to customize and reconfigure to fit specific requirements. 

Vlad Muller, Bridges Designer: 
"Change is constant" has never been truer than today's business environment. With that in mind, bridges unserstands that businesses need to be more nimble and be able to address staffing needs quickly. That's why one of Bridges more apppealing features is its modularity. The ability to add storage, desking, partitons and extra power management are am important deciding factor for many growing businesses. 

With Global, businesses can feel confident that Bridges products will be around for years to come.

Bridges is rooted in the collaborative spirit of the new workforce and can hlep employees Connect, Share and Achieve. 

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