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Global Princeton Collection

More Princeton. More Reasons to Leave the Cubicle Behind

  • Five new finishes, a sleek metal frame leg and new table line up.
  • 1000 components offer endless possibilities to fit your space.
  • Design with new laminates and three-tone finishes.
  • Metal frame legs broaden the contemporary design elements.
  • Freestanding tables are available in all Princeton finishes.
  • Selection of storage options allow you to stay organized.



Product Details

If you are looking for a desk that really reflects your personality, the Global Princeton desk is a great way to do it. Princeton can fit very well in a closed private office, or in an open office environment, as it was not conceived with a space in mind, but rather for the person sitting at it.

The Global Princeton desk comes with some great features that allow you to maximize your space. A bench doubles as file storage, you can add hooks to hang a purse or coat, rolling glass doors, and movable components also work to maximize space. Some other features that can come with the Princeton desk are a bookshelf, glass equipment screen, lateral files, overhead storage, a grommet to manage your cabling, wardrobe, and a pull-out equipment shelf for your printer.

Truly one of the most customizable desk options that we have, there are over 50 sample layouts available for the Princeton desk, and almost every feature is adjustable to fit your needs. Not only that, but the furniture is easy to move around even after it’s installed, so if you’re the kind of person that likes to re-decorate often this is a great option for you as it is easy to reconfigure.

Once you are done furnishing your private office with the Global Princeton desk, you can continue using this line to furnish the rest of your office. With a myriad layout options available, this is a great way to create a unique layout that is specifically designed with you and your employees in mind.

Global Princeton is a great desk for all of your office needs. If you think the Princeton desk might work for you but you just aren’t sure, get in touch! We have experienced sales reps that know this product inside and out and are available to help you with your needs. Our designers can also create a layout using this product that will give you a great idea of what it can look like in your space. So get in touch, we love to hear from our clients and help them come up with great solutions!

• It's more than just a new look, Princeton has a personality just like you.

• It's about making 'me' feel that I'm still me when I sit down for the day. You are never too young or too old to learn something new.

• Most desking products were conceived to build out from the wall (ie. the workwall) but Princeton™ builds out from 'you' and where you work.

• Makes sense when you think of it. And it does the wall thing too for those of us in transition.

• Princeton™ is about doing more with less space and less budget. How about a really great place to work in less than 50 square feet? And new ways of doing things like a bench that doubles as file storage. Rolling glass doors that reward the eye and the touch. And the tight product map is easy to spec, easy to reconfigure and easy to manage.

Laminate options-

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