Experience hassle-free storage for your office furniture with comprehensive solutions that cover every step of the process, from pickup to storage and delivery, tailored to your specific needs.

Assets management ensuring your goals are met.

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, managing your IT assets is crucial. OiG offers high-quality IT asset disposition and management solutions in Dallas, ensuring your corporate needs are met with results. Our professional furniture and corporate asset management team at OiG will make your office move and relocation a breeze.
Why Opt for Asset Management?

Investing in asset management with Office Interiors Group is a smart move because they understand the true value of your furniture assets and offer tailored asset management services in Dallas and Fort Worth. We help you maximize the potential of your assets from procurement through disposition. Our team excels in furniture installations, reconfigurations, and moves – all backed by a professionally run asset management program.

Unleash Your Assets with OiG
Our asset management service in Dallas and Fort Worth takes a detailed approach to the transportation, receiving, assessment, inventorying, and storage of your furniture and equipment. We leverage our extensive inventory of assets to empower your company’s success. OiG’s team of professionals is well-versed in installation, project management, design, and logistics. By effectively storing and managing your chairs, workstations, desks, storage units, and other equipment, we help you maximize your return on investment. We handle inventory, tracking, storage, and efficient deployment of your current assets.
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At OiG, we start every project with the end in mind – ensuring the highest and best use of your inventory throughout the complete lifecycle of your assets. As your single resource for all your asset management needs, we provide cost-effective services in Dallas and Fort Worth. Contact our asset management team at OiG today and elevate your business to new heights!

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247workspace a stalwart in the industry for two decades, throughout this extensive journey, we have curated an impressive portfolio, successfully delivering on over 1200+ projects.

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No matter where your business or project is located within the United States, our dedicated team is here to ensure that your workspace transformation is as smooth as possible.

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In the capable hands of our skilled experts, your office installations, relocations, or furniture recycling will be carried out with a genuine sense of attentiveness and care.

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