Mosso Pro

Delivering a phenomenal 99 lumens per watt, Mosso Pro changes light colors from warm to cool and anything in between. An intuitive built-in touchstrip allows for effortless continuous dimming. A built-in occupancy sensor ensures no energy is wasted lighting up a vacant desk. Mosso Pro comes standard with a USB port for charging smartphones or other compatible devices. With Mosso Pro, anything is possible.

Brightens and dims the room with a simple touch. An occupancy sensor works full time to preserve as much energy as possible. An adjustable head makes lighting any space as easy as it is convenient. Click over to the  for more information! 

  • 48 LEDs 
  • 5.5 watts consumption 
  • Built-in USB charging port 
  • Ultra high efficiency 99 lumens per watt 
  • 50,000 hours lifespan 
  • Built-in occupancy sensor 
  • Variable light color from 2,700K to 5,000K 
  • Continuous dimming 
  • Color options include: Metallic Black, Silver 
  • 10’ cord 
  • 83 CRI

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