Divi 8x8x50H


8x8 AIS modular workstations are large cubicles designed for extra desk spaces for positions such as engineers, draftsman, and positions that need the additional space. 50"H panels allow a mix of privacy and openness, which is optimal for workspaces that require both elements. These cubicles are modular office furniture systems that allow further customization according to the optimize the work environment. Work surfaces can be designed 30"D to fit larger documents. A great selection of colors are available.

Key Features:

Power-Data capability

2-filing pedestal

open shelf


M.O.R.E. Series Finishes

    • Dimensions:8'W x 8'D x 50"H  
    • Seated: medium
    • Standing:low
    • Collaboration:medium
  • Finishes: 35 Fabrics, 19 Work Surfaces, 8 Trim Paints
  • Lead Time: 2 Weeks
  • Special Features:
    Upgrade Options: tackable panels, partial or full glass panels, and a variety of accessories. Available at 2 week lead time.
Additional Upgrade Options: Segmented Tile Panels, Laminate Panels, Embossed Steel Tiles, Whiteboard Tiles. Requires 3-4 week lead time.