AO2 6x8x53"H


These 6x8 Herman Miller cubicles (AO2 Style) with 53"H panels are well suited for the managers in your workplace. Ample desk space, semi-private panel heights, and plenty of room for storage accessories make this an ideal supervisor's workstation, built to the exact same standards of the original Herman Miller AO2 brand known and loved for nearly 50 years.

 For additional components pictured, please call for a custom quote!

Key Features

Power-Data capability

Grade 1 Finishes

1-filing pedestal

1-open shelf

    • Dimensions:8'W x 6'D x 53"H 
    • Seated:medium
    • Standing:low
    • Collaboration:medium
  • Finishes:GRADE 1: 35 Fabrics / 4 Work Surfaces / 2 Trim Paints. GRADE 2: 200+ Fabrics, 16 Work Surfaces, 5 Trim Paints
  • Lead Time:3-4 weeks Standard // Quickship Programs available!
  • Special Features:Upgrade options include: tackable panels, acoustic panels, partial or full glass panels, and a variety of accessories - see brochure for details.

Downloads: AIS Furniture - Product Brochure