Divi 6x8x42"H



6x8 AIS modular workstations provide a modern cubicle with ample workspace, suited for manager positions and any position that needs extra desk space. Its low 42"H  panels will encourage collaboration among employees, and large workspace will allow space for comfortable desk space with many equipment. These modular desk system allow customization according to your office work style. A large color selection is available for a personalized look.



Key Features

Power-Data capability

2-filing pedestals

M.O.R.E. Series Finishes

    • Dimensions:6'W x 8'D x 42"H 
    • Seated:low
    • Standing:low
    • Collaboration:high
  • Finishes:35 Fabrics, 19 Work Surfaces, 8 Trim Paints
  • Lead Time:2 Weeks
  • Special Features:
    Upgrade Options: tackable panels, partial or full glass panels, and a variety of accessories. Available at 2 week lead time.
    Additional Upgrade Options: Segmented Tile Panels, Laminate Panels, Embossed Steel Tiles, Whiteboard Tiles. Requires 3-4 week lead time.