Matrix 6x8x66"H

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6x8 cubicle workstations are considered large sized, ideal for positions of authority or for those who really need to spread out their work. The 66"H panels shown on this example are recommended when privacy and focused-work are a concern. Matrix Systems Furniture is a great choice for smart looking, tech-savvy cubicle.


For additional components or tile-types pictured, please call for a custom quote!


Key Features

Power-Data at base/floor level

All Tackable Fabric Tiles

MORE Series finishes

1-filing pedestal

1-overhead shelf

1-task light

M.O.R.E. Series Finishes

    • Dimensions:8'W x 6'D x 66"H 
    • Seated:high
    • Standing:high
    • Collaboration:low
  • Finishes:34 Fabrics, 19 Work Surfaces, 8 Trim Paints
  • Lead Time:4-5 Weeks
  • Special Features:Upgrade options include: Metal, Laminate, Woodgrain, Glass, Slatwall or Markerboard tiles, frameless glass dividers, Woodgrain Trim, Beltline/desktop power & data access, and a variety of accessories - see brochure for details.