Princeton™ (PRC512R)

Princeton is a freestanding and fully modular collection offering maximum flexibility; ease of installation and facilitates simple reconfigurations.

  • Over 1000 components offering endless possibilities to fit you and your space.
  •  No cubicles or panels needed for configurations.
  •  Product can be added and reconfigured as needed.
  •  A variety of storage options allows you to do more with less space.
  • Open storage pieces, floating modesties and overlapping surfaces create visual appeal.
  • Ideal for commercial/corporate offices, government offices, small businesses, banking, legal, accounting, hospitality or the professional home office.

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Consists Of:
1  PN3072DUR  Conference Top for U Rt
1  PN2448BF  Bridge Flush
1  PN2972MPL  29" Cred Mob Lat Pull-Out Lt
1  PN22MLBF  21" Mobile Lateral Box File
1  PN1972WHO  72" Lg Openhead Over Storage