Therapod Therapist High back

Indoor Air Quality Certified
GSA Advantage
Level 2

Highly adjustable and highly comfortable, the Therapod® Therapist provides patented back support – and beyond. The only seating system in the world offering fully adjustable back support, the Therapod Therapist Basic Highback supports every region of your back using body-specific strap adjustments.  The net result is a comfortable fit superbly suited to your entire back.


Patented adjustment 4-strap system with high density molded seat foam.


Overall height: 40.5"-44"
Overall width: 28"
Overall depth: 28"
Seat height: 16.5"-20"
Seat width: 20”
Seat depth: 18”
Back height: 24”-28”
Back width: 17"


200+ textiles to choose from
COM – 1.75 yards

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