At OIG, we are committed to helping better the environment, by reducing, reusing and recycling furniture and electronics. We help facilitate the disposal of your out of date furniture and broken or worn-out electronics. Managing items ready for recycling can be difficult but we provide efficient services and excellent results, maximizing your asset recovery. With this in mind, it gives our clients the opportunity to offset costs and even generate a return in some circumstances. The multiple materials used to create furniture, like treated wood, plastics and different metals, makes the process of recycling complicated. At OIG we have developed a proven process of extracting these materials to ensure that the land fill is a last resort for any decommissioned assets. 

OIG performs electronic recycling which provides multiple benefits. From cutting down on your carbon footprint to depreciating these large tax expenses, electronic recycling plays a key roll in every company. As a part of OIG, United Electronic Recycling is a leading recycler of e-waste with services that are environmentally responsible and provide transparency throughout the process to ensure client satisfaction and peace of mind. Data destruction is a way that we can assure our clients that their confidential information is being completely destroyed and won't in any way resurface on any recycled electronics. Our experienced team of technicians and mechanical disassembly team provide you with the highest level of service and return the commodities back into the manufacturing channel.